Finding Wise Plans In Appetizers

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According to the FTC's website , "all or virtually all" meansthat "all significant parts and processing that go into the product must be of US origin. That is, the product should contain no or negligible foreign content." The protection also applies to anything that implies such a claim. A gray area is anything that purports to be "assembled" or "built" in America, which is technically not the same claim. The FTC has recently forced some companies, like the Detroit-based company Shinola, to clarify their "built in America"claim. Shinola was forced in 2016 to clarify its claim by adding "from imported parts" to descriptions of some of its products, like watches. It's important to note that this FTC designation isnot considered when the US government is the purchaser. TheUS government is required to purchase only American-made goods if possible, according to the Buy American Act that was signedby President Herbert Hoover in 1933. However, any item assembled in the US with more than 50% American-made parts is considered American-made for this purpose, regardless of the FTC definition. View photos More (AP/Bob Leverone) For automobiles and textiles, as well as items made from fur and wool, additional requirements apply, according to the FTC. Clothing and other textiles are permitted to have a "Made in USA" label as long as the item was cut and sewn in the US and the fabric was createdin the US, regardless of where the fiber was originated or where the yarn was spun.